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100 American Political Players And How We React To Them

By | source:Here Dec 22nd, 2018

Here’s a politically charged (or perhaps neutralized) list for you:  100 of the most talked about US political players from 2018 in poster form. 

For each individual featured, three to four of the best fitting adjectives from the liberal, conservative, and agnostic standpoints are included. Heading into the new year, the infographic serves as a timestamp of sorts on the 2018 political landscape. 

To so many of us around the world, the political news cycle has become increasingly overwhelming and contentious. If not pure entertainment to read through, the infographic offers a break from the political echo chambers we too often find ourselves in. The juxtaposition of the three perspectives, side by side, forces the viewer to consider each of them in relation the others. The red and blue adjectives highlight the vastly differing perspectives between the country’s liberals and conservatives while the agnostic adjectives serve to cut the tension and provide descriptions closer to reality.

The individuals included in the list were chosen by executing an extensive number of google searches on many recent and current members of the white house, supreme court, congress, national security, campaign teams, the media, and popular culture. Those who were more often the focal point of the search results (associated with their own name) across the first three pages made the cut. The adjectives were chosen by reviewing journalistic articles, opinion articles, speeches, debates, podcasts, and tweets. The adjectives and descriptions that appeared most often were generally those that made the cut. However, it should be noted, a healthy dose of the author’s subjectivity and human touch contributed to the final selection.