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Careers Helping The Fastest Growing Segment Of The Population

By | source:Concordia Univ Dec 21st, 2018

There’s only one segment of the American population that has doubled in size over the last 20 years.  In fact that segment has a name of its own, gerontology: the scientific study of old age, the process of old age, and the problems of older people. Besides adding to your trivia night knowledge, how might gerontology be relevant to your life?

In fact, careers related to elderly people are a booming area and well worth considering during any job hunt, for one simple reason: the senior population is growing and opportunities to work with them are growing.  Today there are 41.4 million Americans today hitting age 65 or above- which means  more careers devoted to their care than ever.

For example, you could be a case worker. You would help senior citizens cope with common problems, help meet their needs, and assist with financial issues and medical care. Or, if you have an artistic streak, why not consider becoming an art therapist? You would use visual and auditory arts to help older people alleviate pain, improve their motor skills, and most importantly, express themselves and have fun.

There’s plenty of other options to consider, from grief counselor to health educator to assisted living administrator. Whatever your skill set and wherever your interests lie, a career linked to gerontology could be the way forward.

If these don’t pique an interest, try looking into some of these unusual careers.