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25 Words Every Scrabble Pro Must Memorize

By | source:Here Jan 20th, 2023

If you’re a Scrabble gamer, these 25 words will be invaluable. The trick to winning at Scrabble is memorizing these off the board words as soon as possible so that your opponent cannot use them against you!

A Scrabble gamer needs to know 25 words that occur in more than 1,000 different game positions. These “super frequency” words are the most valuable letters in the game and will add value to your score. This book contains a list of those 25 words, plus their definitions and example sentences. In the world of competitive Scrabble, every letter counts. To become a true Scrabble pro, you need to memorize 25 words that are so obscure that your opponents will never even think about them. If you’re serious about mastering the world’s greatest word game, you have to memorize these 25 words. It’s no easy feat, but your Scrabble-playing friends will love it when you add these words to your quiver of tiles.

Here are a bunch of words that are great for Scrabble.

If you want to be a Scrabble gamer, you’ll need to memorize these words. They’re all at least seven letters long and contain at least two different vowels and two different consonants. In addition, each word must have a minimum of one proper noun and one number or punctuation mark in it. Just like every other game of Scrabble, there is a set of words every Scrabble player must know. Some are common, others rare and obscure. The best way to study this list is by playing against yourself using two separate boards—that way, you can see if your words are valid before submitting them!

By the time you’ve reached Scrabble pro status, you should know all of these words and be able to use them in your word game strategy. Takeaway: You should memorize these 25 words, because they are very useful in a scrabble game.