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9 Odd Wedding Traditions from Around the World

By | Jul 23rd, 2016

You might think that having something stolen at your wedding is strange enough, but at least no one’s planning to steal your shoes.

I really like most of the traditions in this infographic. They’re mostly quirky symbols of fidelity or overcoming obstacles. Giving wooden ducks is adorable, cutting toes off of socks is fun and silly, pulling rings out of cakes is fun and messy, and therefore more fun. Having to saw through a log in your wedding gown sounds like a bother, but entertaining and satisfying. Even having hooligans running round in straw suits sounds like a laugh, though probably itchy for the poor straw-boys.

However, the tradition from Malaysia is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard, hands down. To celebrate their new life together, the newlyweds (and their families? It’s a little vague) are not allowed to go to the bathroom for three days!? Three whole days? Congratulations on your marriage! Here, have a UTI. I’ll take the bad luck, thank you very much.

But really, being able to gawk at other cultures’ strangeness is one of the nicest things about living in a diverse world. No matter what you’re used to, someone else’s traditions will seem bizarre. Feed your curiosity about your neighbors with our infographic on The World’s Weirdest Festivals.