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Mind-Blowing Effects Ancient Egypt Had On Modern Society

By | source:Here Mar 4th, 2021

It is no secret that the ancient Egyptians have had a significant influence on our modern world. From their contributions to communication to their advances in manual labor and astronomy, the many fruits of their knowledge are still seen in our societies today. This infographic will teach you all about these breakthroughs and how they still affect us to this day. 

The ancient Egyptians created one of the oldest languages we have discovered and were the first to discover a process for making paper from papyrus. As well as this, they discovered astronomical occurrences, which allowed them to create a calendar that was the basis for the Roman calendar–upon which our modern calendar is based. In addition, the Egyptians made considerable strides in farming and craftsmanship, being the first to use cattle-driven plows as well as being metallurgy and construction masters.

As is evident by these signs of progress, the advances of the ancient Egyptians are still influencing the ways that the world operates today. Their achievements, along with those of other first-peoples civilizations, formed the basis for all those that followed. Considering how long ago they lived, it is quite impressive that their influence is still felt today.