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It’s The Circle Of Life: How Animals Age

By | source:Here Mar 23rd, 2020

There are millions of species of animals currently living on earth. Do you know what the lifespan is of your favorite one? It can range from one year all the way to 4,309 years (that is, unless your favorite animal is the immortal jellyfish.)

There are some animals that it doesn’t shock to know they live well beyond 100 years, like tortoises and sea turtles. But there are some animals with more surprising lifespans. Did you know a Greater flamingo can live to 6o years old? And the Greenland Shark who can live up to 272 years is among those unexpected.

This handy guide will show you the lifespans of 50 different animals from your average house mouse, all the way up to the immortal jellyfish, who can continuously revert to younger life stages to rejuvenate itself and continue to live. There are always more bizarre animals facts to continue to learn.