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Top 7 Heros To Have As Your Guarantor

By | source:Here Mar 24th, 2020

Whenever you or your city is in peril be it your common alien attack, a vengeful A.I. aiming to end all life on Earth, or a powerful entity aiming to snap half of the universe’s population into oblivion (assuming you happen to be living in the Marvel Universe) you can count on The Avengers to save the day!

But what if you’re into a different kind of trouble? What if it’s a financial type of issue like you’re stuck with some bills or you’re looking for some cash for a business or a project you want to invest in? Do you think they would sacrifice a few bucks from their wallets in this hour of need? Probably not. Even if you manage to get Tony Stark’s attention, the best you can expect from him is some lecture about responsibility and fighting your own battles or something.

However, now that you have managed to gather your favorite superhero’s attention, maybe you can at least convince him to be your guarantor in order to get credit for a loan? As your guarantor, they would bear the responsibility to step in if you’re not making your proper payments, so you would still need to make your case compelling to your favorite superhero. I mean…I don’t want to be there if Thor would have to drag himself all the way from Asgard to ask you about why he is being credited for a payment you failed to make.

Here’s a fun infographic that scores 7 superheroes (well, 6 superheroes and Loki) on their reliability as someone’s guarantor.