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Are You Happy? Europe is.

By | source: Jul 26th, 2010

I mentioned in my post on Friday that Scandinavians are some of the happiest people on earth. Now I’ve got some Infographic proof to quell the non-believers.

I feel a little let-down by my country in that we are not on the top ten happiest list, but America can’t be number one in everything. This study asked people to describe how they felt the previous day then were ranked at either, Thriving, Struggling, or Suffering. I was surprised to see that Norway doesn’t have anyone “suffering.” I wonder if it is impossible to suffer there. If I went to Norway and instead of acting like a tourist,  I acted like a hobo; I could be rich! If I’m the only homeless man in all of Norway I could probably get news coverage…

‘We’ll take a pause from our Jenga game to bring you a rare sight, a man who describes his life as “suffering.”
(Ooo’s and aaah’s)

Everyone knows when there isn’t anything bad happening there isn’t any news. When there isn’t any news the reporters turn to playing Jenga. That game is a struggle though, the 31 people in Norway who said their life was a “struggle” were probably playing Jenga the previous day.

Just looking at the contrast between Denmark and Togo is frightening. Only one percent of Togo people are “thriving.” The graphic really shows the poverty of Togo and also the poverty of all of Africa. Africa is mostly a third world place and I hope somewhere in the near future their happiness can start to rise. [Via]