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Are You More Likely to Win an Olympic Medal or Die of Constipation?

By | source:Here Apr 3rd, 2017

I often call myself unlucky. I very rarely win contests, and I’ve gotten in more freak accidents than anyone I know. I’ve never come close to being injured by a toilet, although I did drop my phone in once.

Along with being unlucky, I have a ton of irrational fears, so this infographic is probably going to give me nightmares. I’d never even thought about drowning while in the bath or dying of constipation, but apparently those are things that happen.

I don’t have an athletic bone in my body, but I’m more likely to win an Olympic medal than die from not using the bathroom. I usually need bumpers when I go bowling, so it’s pretty hilarious to learn that it’s more likely to bowl a perfect game over finding a pearl in an oyster.

There’s a March madness-style game where you try to decide which is more likely at the source link, so be sure to check that out.

While we’re chatting about the odds of crazy things happening, you have to check out our post on the downsides of winning the lottery. Apparently, my bad luck can be a good thing. Who knew?