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Songs From The Top 40s List Have These Words In Common

By | source:Here Apr 4th, 2017

My husband is a professional musician, so I’m well aware of how unlikely it is to make a hit. While I wait for his big break, I may have stumbled on something that could help him out while songwriting.

Apparently, top songs have something in common –– aside from being annoyingly catchy, certain words are more common in hits.

Unsurprisingly, baby and yeah are both on this list. Considering how popular romantic songs are, this isn’t really that shocking.

Some of these words are pretty out there, though. Who would’ve thought that “breathing” or “bam” would help you land a spot on the Billboard Top 100?

Everyone’s favorite rapper Drake also makes several appearances on this list. From “hotline” to “jumpman,” some of these songs are popular just because of who’s singing them.

Both whip and nae nae made it into the top 80, so writing a catchy song and making up an easy-to-follow dance may be an aspiring musician’s best bet.

If you’re not into writing a song that may land on the radio, that’s OK too. Your listening preferences are affected by your mood, anyway –– click here to find out more about that.