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Change Up Your Diet With A Soup-Filled Cleanse

By | source:Here Oct 2nd, 2017

I’m pretty much always down to eat––my appetite knows no bounds. When I hear “cleanse” in the context of a diet, I slowly back away.

I hadn’t heard of a soup cleanse before this infographic, but after finding out more, I may be more open to a strict cleanse. It turns out that soup can help lower your calorie intake without reducing the volume of food you’re consuming. Soup helps you feel satisfied with fewer calories, which can help maintain your current weight or even lose more.

It’s also much better for you than a juice cleanse. Juice has less protein, less fiber and a lot more sugar. Bone broth can also help you heal your body if you’re recovering from an injury.

While cleanses don’t necessarily detoxify your body, they can help give your body a break (and help you lose weight in the process).

This graphic also includes some soup recipes that have my stomach growling. Who says soup has to be boring?

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