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Egg Yolks & Fresh Cheese: How Different Countries Take Their Coffee

By | source:Here May 25th, 2018

How do you like your coffee? With egg yolks? Maybe some lemon juice? Or with a sprinkle of pepper? If these options startle you, you may be missing out on delicious coffee concoctions from around the world.

Personally, I like to order a soy mocha or large Americano the morning after not getting enough sleep. But this infographic has opened my eyes to all the other coffee possibilities. I wouldn’t say no to an Austrian Wiener Melange (60% milk foam, cocoa powder, steamed milk and espresso); or even an Indonesian Kopi Joss, with a piece of hot charcoal in an espresso. It sounds strange, but people swear by it!

If you’re looking for a little kick with your coffee, then there’s the Pharisäer from Germany, with sugar and rum. Or you can get even more adventurous and order the Norwegian Karsk, a drink that combines coffee, moonshine and sugar.

Changing up your coffee order could be a digestion risk, and the Vietnamese Ca Phe Trung with egg yolks and condensed milk may not be for everyone. But there’s no harm in trying something new, right? Pick a specialty coffee from this list and try to make it at home — you may be pleasantly surprised with the results. If you want to learn even more interesting facts about coffee, check out this post.