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A Complete Guide To Whiskey Types & Flavors

By | source:Here May 26th, 2018

I enjoy a whiskey the same way I enjoy dairy-based products: not for long. In the case of dairy, I’m lactose-intolerant. For whiskey, I’m just not a big fan. 

I’m what most whiskey fans would consider a wimpy drinker — I prefer sweet over bitter, light over rough, and breathing over coughing. But according to this infographic, there are different ways to enjoy each type of whiskey (spelled with or without an ‘e’; depending on where you are in the world), even if you’re not a hardcore connoisseur. It’s almost got me tempted.

For example, if you want to impress your “manly man” boss, there is a whiskey for it. Try bourbon, which can be consumed with smoked ribs and is aged for at least two years. Or you could go for Tennessee whiskey, which is sweet with hints of charcoal.

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t love the taste of strong liquor, this infographic may convince you to give it another try. It also gives you signature drinks to try with each type of whiskey, so you’ll be able to order at a bar like a pro.

Whiskey is for people with purpose who aren’t afraid to try something new. Make sure you enjoy your whiskey cocktails and learn more about drinking responsibly here.