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Controlling Your Wedding Costs

By | source: Jun 20th, 2014

Here comes the bride, all dressed in a serious amount of debt. Any way you slice it, getting married costs quite a pretty penny or pound, if your infographic comes from the UK. Lucky for all you love-locked little Daily Infographic followers, has provided you with some useful tips for keeping the cost of love down to just beyond souls.

First, consider where in the world you want to have this celebration. The closer to home, the cheaper the cost. Not to mention, having only one venue will cut down tremendously.

Second, consider the guests. This is the biggest day of your life. Who do you want to be there? It should just be the people that matter to you the most. This means family and close friends. And me. I’m always invited to the wedding. I mean, who else is going to foolishly hit on your sister?

Third, consider the eats. Three course meals? What are we, Queen Elizabeth and the upper-crust brigade? Throw it out the window, roll in the buffet cart. Besides, you don’t want to serve something to someone who doesn’t like whatever it is you’re forcing them to have on their plate. It’s wasteful. Let them decide for themselves what they get to miss out on.

There are plenty more ways to save on your big day, and I urge you to check them all out. As for me, I have to go meet with my Singles Anonymous counselor to discuss some personal issues, completely unrelated. [via]

P.S. Congratulations to my life-long friend, Jacob, and your beautiful fiance, Ann, on your engagement! Much love!