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How COVID Killed The Movies

By | source:Here Sep 15th, 2021

As COVID restrictions are relaxing, I am so excited to get back to fun. And while the pandemic has given me plenty of time to watch movies from the comfort of my couch, there’s just something about going to the movie theaters that brings out my inner child. Maybe it’s the popcorn, or how small we all are compared to the big screen– but I love it. 

 I’m ready to trade my pajamas for a date night outfit and silence my phone, but sadly, I’m finding out that the movies might be one of those things that are just never the same after this whirlwind of a year. 

 Streaming services took over our world under COVID-19, with Netflix, Disney +, Hulu and more becoming an easy and cost effective way to be entertained safely. What if there’s no going back? Many people seem to have adjusted to a culture of introversion– why go out and empty my pockets to watch a movie when I can turn on the Netflix that I’m already paying for? 

 This supply-and-demand issue, as well as the additional costs that come with creating a major production during a pandemic, have put filming blockbuster hits on the back-burner. The hit movies that have come out can largely be watched from home for an additional fee on your favorite streaming services. 

 So, is this really the end of going to the movies? I sure hope not, but only time can tell. I vote that we don’t let the excitement that we feel when the lights dim in the theatre be yet another thing that COVID takes from us– let’s all go to the movies!