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E-Books in America

By | source: May 14th, 2012

E-Books, are they as popular as we thought they would become? Well yes and no, while they are not quite as popular as printed books at the moment. They are becoming more and more popular with 17% of Americans having read an e-book before the 2011 holidays and 21% after. While not a staggering stat, it does show people like e-books and more importantly there is growth in popularity.

While printed books remain the top choice for readers those reading e-books with e-content reportedly spend more time reading. With e-content a reader is allowed to get more involved in what they’re reading. Through the simple click of a link an e-book will show you a video or take you to a website full information.

As someone who has used an iPad for my textbooks I have to say I am a fan of the digital medium. It is surprisingly easy to take notes and highlight, something I imagine will only get better after time. [via]

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