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Instagram Addict

By | source: May 15th, 2012

This infographic might as well be “how to spot any one of my friends who happen to all be instragram junkies.” Instagram is my favorite iPhone (and now android I suppose) app. It turns any average joe, like myself, into a fake photographer. While instagram talent isn’t something to marvel too hard at, it is a fun, creative way to share your life in pictures.

I know many people who constantly keep their phone at eye level, take far to many pictures of meals, pets and nature, and I know I have definitely ran into a car or a wall while taking a photo. Does this mean we are all photographer wanna be’s? I think not (at least in my case). My pictures are far from professional, as I am not a professional. But peaks inside other people’s lives are always amusing, so if you want a peak follow me @chelseykilzer ! [Via]