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Step This Way For A Sweeeet Party

By | source:Here Aug 17th, 2018

Do you have a special occasion coming up and don’t know what treats to serve? Try a candy buffet! Candy buffets are colorful, creative, and a treat that everyone can enjoy. Don’t know where to start? Follow these six steps to an unforgettable candy buffet that guests will enjoy even after the party ends.

Begin with choosing your party color and theme.  Weddings and baby showers are perfect times occasions for a candy bar. If you have a specific color scheme for your event, make the colors of the candy correspond. It’ll look organized and visually appealing.

Decide how much you need and what types of candies you’ll offer guests. Use the general guide of one pound of candy per three guests. Include two individually packaged sweets per guest, plus one speciality candy to ensure you have enough treats on your candy buffet.

Set the table up for maximum eye appeal. You can add decorations to your table like ribbons, centerpieces, a tablecloth, and much more. Don’t go overboard with the decorations. You want your table to stand out, but not in a bad way.

From specialty containers to different heights on your candy buffet, keep your table landscape interesting.

Create a wow factor by adding unique containers, flashy centerpieces, and decorative trimmings.

Don’t forget the finishing touch! Guests love filling bags to take home treats from the candy buffet.

Use today’s infographic to make the best candy buffet you can imagine. Candy buffets give room for your creative side to show. Check out the flavor breakdown in candy to help you with your color choices.