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Get that Rightswipe

By | source: Sep 24th, 2016

You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you can increase the chance of them swiping right on your tinder profile.

Time is precious, so you don’t want thousands and thousands of swipes, but, like, some would be nice. So first up, don’t waste your resources. You’ve only got six photos to work with, so make them relevant and flattering. Even if most people don’t read the bio, you’ve got to have one, so it might as well be decent. The tagline is short and therefore more likey to actually be read. The infographic suggests making it fun, but I don’t know exactly what message “Will work for shoes” is supposed to convey.

So let’s say it’s worked out and you’ve got a date. Who’s going to pay? What are your expectations? What are their expectations? Those are good things to work out, and our Cost of Love infographic can give you an idea of general attitudes towards spending money in relationships, so you’ll know what you’ll need to discuss.