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How Connected is Russia?

By | source: Oct 14th, 2012

This infographic here is from one of our partner websites. I am particularly excited to be showing you fantastic bunch this little guy because it has been an educating experience for me and will hopefully shed some light on some unknown facts for you as well.

Technology, at least for those I have encountered in the U.S. that belong to my generation, seems a given. Almost everyone, no matter what their socioeconomic status is, has a cell phoneâ?¦ and if they do not have a smartphone, they get laughed at like my brother when (finally) getting an upgrade at his carrier Verizon after 4 long years. What I really love about this infographic is that it tells us to take a step back from our world of normalcy and take a look at another countryâ??s.

Russia should be proud of their GDP per capita standing amongst the other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) countries, which are all said to be comparable in terms of their economic development. This infographic also compares Russia to other European countries in terms of Internet usage, which they are also the leaders of, with 50,810 â??unique visitorsâ?. The way in which the number of Internet users continues to increase, it seems as though Russia will be one of the world leaders in terms of internet users relative to their population size. With the figures shown on this infographic, Russia is definitely technologically connected. [via]