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Zombie Survival Gear

By | source: Oct 12th, 2012

Oh zombies! You guys are so popular! How did you make an entire nation, no an entire world obsessed with your fictitious character? I Know why, and everyone knows why – we all really want the zombie apocalypse to happen. It isn’t a weird dream, everybody has fantasies of running through the streets mowing down the living dead, but let’s look at the real facts.

If there was a zombie apocalypse, the zombie infection would have had to be ridiculously contagious. Just getting infected from a bite wouldn’t be enough. The fact that the worlds strongest military power couldn’t kill a few brain-dead walkers would be an embarrassment. The infection would first have to start in the US military, not only that but the zombies would have to be smarter than the average television representation. The ability to drive vehicles or use weapons would be a must if we really wanted a world-wide zombie apocalypse. Soon the reality of a zombie outbreak doesn’t sound that much fun.

All speculation aside, zombies will take over the earth. We just need to wait until that day and always keep the zombie apocalypse emergency kit somewhere close. Check out below to see some of the essentials. [Via]