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How Much Of A Geek Are You?

By | source:Here Oct 11th, 2017

The word “geek” was once an insult to mock those who had unconventional interests and were lower on the social totem pole.  Then came Silicon Valley and geeks started laughing their way to the bank.

Ok, geeks became successful in adulthood long before Silicon Valley.  But with the internet revolution leading the charge, it’s safe to say that geeks are seeing more popularity than ever.  (though probably still mostly in adulthood)

You might even expect an increase in the number of geek imitators, posing as geeks just to look cool.  To determine who’s real and who’s not, here are 50 things that only geeks would know.  For example, almost everyone has heard of the Star Wars franchise, but only true geeks would be able to recognize the difference between the four legged AT-AT’s that were deployed on Hoth and the two legged AT-ST’s that saw action on Endor.

Not only are geeks knowledgeable, but they are well rounded too.   Topics every geek should be well versed in include TV/movies, computers/technology, literature/fiction, the internet, and video games.  This means a true geek can not only name every actor who played Doctor Who, but also boot from a USB and recognize the Black Lotus card from Magic: The Gathering

Are you qualified to be a real geek? Or are you just a poser?  Test yourself to see what score you get, and if you want to delve into the nuances that separate geek from nerd, take a look at Geek vs. Nerd.