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How Star Wars Changed the World

By | source: Feb 24th, 2011

Hopefully reading this infographic will give you a nice break, writing about it has for me. I sit here amidst a slew of homework, from writing a paper on Rousseau and his Discourses to studying Chinese Politics. Now after finding this infographic, all I want to do is put everything away and watch Star Wars. Whether you are a fan of the double triology (? Sixology? Whatever you want to call it) or not, there is no doubt the series has permeated our society. Ranging from simple references in shows or movies to all kinds of memorabilia. Star Wars is an unavoidable phenomenon that will most certainly continue living on for a long time.

Not to lead you on, but this infographic is not so much about the story/plot of Star Wars. It has to do more with the real life business effects it had. Sorry to those of you who are disappointed by this. Moving on, this infographic is a web/timeline starting back to George Lucas. Although not everything on the list is directly affected or even known by him it shows a butterfly effect all beginning with the famous director. Another notable attribute of this infographic is what it decides to focus on- rather than simply focus on the people who always get the credit, it incorporates behind the scenes people as well. It splits the information into three main columns: sound, film, effects. No movie would be complete without the special effects and crazy loud explosions. Have a good weekend and may the force be with you (sorry, I had to do it)! [via]

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