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Is it Time to Trash Your Makeup?

By | source:Pennington Creative Sep 19th, 2017

Buying makeup can be very easy. Letting it go is hard! When it’s getting close to the expiration date though, it’s time to throw that beauty product away and get a new one. Out with the old, in with the new!

You shouldn’t feel too sad letting your makeup go. Once a beauty product is expired, it will no longer have the same benefits that it had when you first bought it. In some cases, it can do more harm than good for your face and skin. You would be best just purchasing a new one.

The good news is, some products last longer than others. Lipstick can last as long as two years! And by the time the makeup is close to expiration, it would probably be close to gone based on how much you used it. It is best to follow this timeline to know when you need to throw your product away.

You should also pay attention to the actual product for indication of when to let it go. If your product starts to show signs of expiration like hardness, change of smell, or any other sign of expiration, it would be best to just bin the product.

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