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Job Jumps and Career Changes

By | source: Apr 30th, 2013

I received an email from a friend today informing me that he had not gotten the Fulbright scholarship he had been counting on, had been let go from his 35 hour per week internship, had discovered the girl he adored throughout college had gotten engaged, and that he was certain–despite their unyielding love for him–that his parents would never understand his counterculture ways of pursuing his dreams.

The closing of his e-mail read, “I can go anywhere in the world come August and try to do anything I want, but how much will I be running from instead of running to? Lots of interesting decisions lie ahead.” Reading this email was like looking at a formula: shattered high hopes + college grad with mediocre job + idolized love demolished by reality + worrisome parents + detours from the mainstream + invincible dreams = millennials!

The truth is, we’re a generation bred by technology. It has opened doors for us, but it has also made us much less decisive. With information so readily available and new opportunities coming at us left and right, it’s hard to find what truly interests us. This infographic does a great job of outlining the millennial mindset within the workplace and the nature of our work ethic. It also discusses the importance of doing your research before taking that next step in your professional career. Only you can determine whether or not your next endeavor is the right one. Lots of interesting decisions lie ahead. [via]