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Kobe vs. MJ

By | source: Feb 17th, 2011

Having recently gotten my hands on a copy of NBA 2K11, this infographic seems very appropriate. If you do not already know, this year’s cover of NBA 2K11 has Michael Jordan on the front, along with many Michael Jordan related features in the gameplay. Today’s infographic draws a comparison between two of the greatest basketball players of all time: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

This infographic does a good job of not picking sides and simply presenting facts as they stand now. Bryant, of course, has not reached quitting age and still has good years left in the league. People can also make arguments as to how the league has changed and how players are better now than they were back in MJ’s time. This may true, but when presented with the straight facts like those in this infographic, Jordan remains ahead in many of the categories.

Personally, I am on team Michael Jordan, although admittedly I am in no way an expert on the subject. It could be because I was a child when Jordan was still playing, but he seemed like a lot more of a likable guy than Kobe seems to be. Like I said, it could be because I was a kid and just didn’t hear all the things about Michael, but come on, Space Jam was by far one of the greatest movies when I was growing up, with one of the greatest sound tracks. Although they do both have cheating scandals, I guess those become null when discussing their comparative character. All in all, Jordan seems to me to be the nicer guy and better player. [via]

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