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Are Millennials Struggling More Than Previous Generations?

By | source:Bachelors Degree Center Jan 2nd, 2019

Called the most visible generation, millennials appear to struggle more than previous generations. Have the news stories got it wrong? 

Let’s not forget that every young generation gets a bad rap. A Washington Post article from half a century ago described Baby Boomers as a generation that “feels entitled to things” and that “their focus is themselves,” while a Time article from the nineties said that the Gen X generation “wants to postpone growing up” and were “considered overly sensitive at best and lazy at worst.”

Sound familiar?

The elders always expect more, and consequentially, they report a less than favorable view of newer generations, like millennials. Although those born between 1981 and 1996 are 2X more likely to consider themselves less responsible than previous generations, studies show that 80% of millennials are hopeful about the future.

With changing work realities, the increasingly heavy burden of student loans, and lack of confidence in employers, millennials choose to live at home longer and change jobs more frequently. In fact, 43% plan to leave their current employer in the next two years because the company mission does not coincide with their ideals or their workspace lacks innovation.

While the statistics make it clear that this generation has a rocky road to navigate, their cautious nature offers hope that they’ll successfully maneuver a changing world.