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By | source: Aug 1st, 2011

In recent years we have seen our cellular devices become much more than just phones. Even before the iPhone, our devices were becoming less like phones and more like computers. With the advent of the iPhone we crossed the threshold into a world where we are more concerned with our cell phones than we are with our wallets. If you don’t believe me look it up, people are more likely to leave home without their wallets than they are their phones. I myself am guilty of this, I have turned back for phone, but have managed to get on without a wallet.

Today’s infographic looks at a market that was once dominated by the likes of gameboy and psp. Now with games like angry birds, fruit ninja, stick wars, zombie trailer park (one of my favorites), and others companies like Apple are now in the gaming industry. Cell phones are becoming the all-in-one device allowing us to do anything from taking a picture to looking up a place to eat to using plants to ward off hordes of zombies.

One of the more surprising factoids in today’s infographic is the percentage of female to male gamers. In the mobile gaming market population females account for 53%, a nice shift from the usual video gaming demographic. While I would still choose to play XBOX over playing on my phone, mobile games are certainly getting better, and what’s better than having one device that can do everything? What’s even better is the portability! [via]

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