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Rock me like a Hurricane

By | source: Aug 2nd, 2011

Hurricane season isn’t one to be messed with. Just last year my parent’s Houston home had a tree split in half, crash into the roof and half of our house flooded. And while we know the progression from tropical depression to storm to hurricane, there are many facts that were brand new to me due to this infographic.

One thing that I have always found fascinating is the eye of the hurricane. The idea of a calm area amidst a ring of chaos has always had a strange effect on me. And within this eye is a span of 20-40 feet of calm. Definitely where i want to be.

As a rule we always hear “hot air rises,” and that is clearly a fact. The humid, hot air from the ocean rises, circulates, and falles creating a circle of destruction. As a Texan, I will definitely be aware of hurricane season from August-October, as the Pacific Ocean warms up and creates a hot bead of hurricanes. [InfographicWorld]