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Which Movie Monster Reigns Supreme?

By | source:Here May 23rd, 2021

Everyone loves a good movie monster. More often than not, these monsters are the foil to our movie hero(es) and we, as movie goers, love to see how our hero(es) will be able to overcome the odds.

Movie monsters are almost as old as movies themselves. Dating back to the early 1900s, audiences have been treated to movies featuring monsters for over a century. In your average ‘monster movie’, the struggle between the human protagonist(s) and the monster(s) is the main plot point. With so many of these movies being released over the years, it’s no surprise there are so many characters that can be considered hallmarks of the genre.

These monsters come in many shapes and sizes, which is evident in today’s infographic. Today’s infographic is a size comparison of a few cinema monsters. Without a doubt, this infographic includes some of the most memorable monsters ever seen in movie history. The first appearance of many of these monsters left audiences in awe.

The sizes of these monsters vary heavily and can range from 50 meters to 140 meters. These sizes just go to show that movie monsters don’t necessarily need to follow any ‘blueprint’, per se. These monsters all range in size greatly and are memorable for their own reasons. It’s certainly interesting to think about how movie monsters will continue to evolve as the art form of cinema continues to evolve as well.