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Q:How Do I Win Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time?

By | source: Oct 21st, 2012

What is more captivating than a game of chance?! For real, though. We are all guilty of claiming that weâ??re going to play â??2 out of 3â?, then we say â??alright, alright make it 3 out of 5â?, and when that doesnâ??t work say â??come on, letâ??s make it 5 out of 7â?¦ NBA styleâ? and so on when we are losingâ?¦Why canâ??t we just let it go? Wellâ?¦ what if there was a way to make the game we used to live and breathe in fifth grade a sure win? Ladies and gentlemen, I am proposing to you that through this infographic you could be the coolest kid on the block (even if youâ??re above 40) and add some swag to your walk because of some darn sneaky tips on how to approach ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS.

What I really like about this infographic is that it gives Rock, Paper, Scissors the credit it deserves by speaking about it like the magnificent, strategic sport it really is. No one is like â??Man, this game sucksâ?¦â?â??it is one that engages someone just as much as the games they insanely throw money at in Vegas.

So, the next time you are playing this extraordinary pastime (which is so much more than that), think about these helpful tips and reflect on how much more wisdom you have acquired than youâ??re opponent. As the phrase goes, learn and prosper. Peace out, yâ??all. Have a good Sunday. [via]