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The Science Behind Growing Old Gracefully

By | source:Here Jan 16th, 2021

Many people fear growing old, but the alternative is a lot worse. Aging is a normal part of life and yet people can become obsessed with the idea of keeping age at bay. In our efforts to stay forever young we resort to methods that range from surgery to remove excess skin or wrinkles, regular visits to the hairdresser to dye our hair, or game playing to keep our brain agile.

How we view age changes as we get older. A 20-year-old may consider 40 old. For a 40-year-old the definition will change. The older we get, the younger we feel and overall our perception of age is changing. We’re living longer thanks to scientific advances. Increased awareness of healthy lifestyles has also contributed to the improvement in the health of older people.

This infographic looks at all the changes that take place as we age. When they fully understand the science of aging, scientists will be in a better position to come up with effective treatments for age-related health problems like memory and bone density loss.

Even today, scientists are looking at slowing the aging process using stem cell rejuvenation, which may help to reduce some of the more obvious signs of aging by keeping us mobile, energetic, and mentally agile for longer. But For now, 60 is the new 40.