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Should I Send This E-mail?

By | source: Mar 15th, 2012

Another work day, another 100+ e-mails to read. Actually, I have my filters set up to lower that number to about 10 e-mails per day. But the point is, you’re tired of getting countless e-mails that are simply distractions from your life goals. Today’s infographic is going to hopefully prevent you from looking like a fool by determining which e-mails are appropriate to send.

I couldn’t agree more with this infographic, especially with regards to e-mails about cats. Not only am I allergic to cats, I really don’t care about cute pictures you found by typing ‘funny cats’ into Google images. If you think you are good at finding really cool internet sites, just add me on StumbleUpon and send them there.

According to the infographic, losing your job over sending e-mails is a common occurrence. Hopefully these bosses at least confronted the spammer and gave them a second chance before cutting them loose… regardless be careful of what you send. My advice is to think about the receiver and whether they will consider the e-mail important; perspective is a powerful tool. [Via]