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Who’s Looking At Your Students’ Data?

By | source:Here Oct 24th, 2020

It is more important than ever, with an increasingly digitized classroom, that educators arm themselves with the knowledge to protect their students’ data from being mined. As you can see from this infographic, the number of data breaches involving students’ information in 2019 was triple that of the year before. Being informed about the kinds of data we create for our students, who are allowed to access that data, and how to ensure it stays private is paramount to the safety of students.

Now, with online schooling gaining popularity, it is the perfect time to review the critical issues in the privacy of student data. Educators can look to this infographic to take the precautions necessary for their students. For example, reviewing each site’s privacy information in-depth and being sure to have sites approved by the school district can decrease the likelihood that students’ data will be mined harmfully.

Ultimately, it can be challenging to ascertain the legitimacy and security of websites offering services to educational institutions, educators, and their students. However, if educators take these simple steps to protect their students, this task becomes much more straightforward. As most educators will inform you, knowledge is power. That is half the battle.