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Tapping Into The Craft Beer Movement

By | source:SeedStrategy Dec 21st, 2015

We all know craft beer is a budding industry, but do you know the extent of its growth? Today’s infographic breaks down the numerical growth of the industry and why it is becoming so popular.

In my hometown of Austin, TX we have a nationally recognized craft beer industry. We have over 30 breweries, or brewpubs within the Austin metro area and over half of them participated in this year’s Great American Beer Festival. Five of our breweries took home gold medals during the fest. Enough bragging about my city, but you do get the point that craft beer is a huge industry.

The war on the craft industry is only getting started though. The big players in the beer industry like Budweiser and Millercoors easily see the craft industry as a threat, as they should. People enjoy being able to buy local beer, or to be able to go to the brewery where their favorite beer is made. Although, the main reason why craft beer is so popular is the taste. Nothing beats the variety and depth of a crisp IPA, or powerful stout.