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Total Cost Of Ownership Of Barcode Equipment

By | source:Barcode Repair Dec 22nd, 2015

Barcode equipment is vital to our retail environment. Keeping products stocked and priced is the backbone of every store, yet many retailers do not seem to invest in quality machinery. Today’s graphic will help us understand the value provided by rugged equipment.

Handheld barcode readers go through a lot of wear and tear. They’re dropped from great heights, banged on shelves and can come in contact with all sorts of liquids, powders and creams. There’s no surprise that non-rugged handheld devices suffer a 38% annual failure rate. Compare that to rugged devices which only have an 11% failure rate. That adds up to a lot of time and money.

Although barcode equipment isn’t something that is thought of frequently, millions of people across the globe use them on a daily bases. Keep your staff working by investing in quality equipment and barcode repairs.

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