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Technology in the Travel Industry

By | source: Apr 14th, 2012

I love traveling. I enjoy experiencing new cities and all that they have to offer. However, I hate the process of actually getting to the new destination. I refuse to drive more than 6 hours, after that I scour the internet for a decent plan ticket deal to avoid a 6+ hour car ride.

Todayâ??s infographic takes a look at the travel industryâ??s past and a look at its promising future for folks like me who demand cheap and easy comfort during long travels. According to todayâ??s infographic, the first automated booking system was installed by American Airlines in 1946, and paired with the first Boeing 707 that was introduced in 1958; quick and convent travel was made available to American travelers.

I am forever thankful for all of the travel advances that have occurred throughout history. Even today, there are many more advances being made to ensure comfort for all travels. So letâ??s take full advances of the privileges that modern travels have to offer, I know I defiantly will. [via]