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TEDx: Statistics Worth Sharing

By | source: Jun 21st, 2012

TED has become notorious across the globe as one of the most innovative conferences of idea distribution. Standing for Technology, Education and Design, TED has opened millions of minds to a different outlook on a number of subjects. With speakers like Malcolm Gladwell, Jamie Oliver and hundreds more – TED has a specific way of cornering the greatest minds on earth. Now, with the TEDx independent conference, TED has been able to spread their brand across hundreds of countries and thousands of cities.

This last February I had the opportunity to help produce TEDxAustin. We had an amazing conference with some of the most intriguing speakers I’ve ever heard. Just recently we’ve got our first TEDxAustin talk posted on

Some recent natural disasters like Katrina and the Asian tsunamis left thousands displaced in horrible conditions. Michael McDaniel became obsessed with finding a fix, and he has. The Exo Reaction Housing Solution is an amazing way for governments and relief organizations to quickly and effectively provide temporary housing for those who recently lost their homes. Give the video a watch and hopefully his idea will soon have very real results. [Via]