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The Dark Side of Halloween

By | source: Oct 21st, 2011

Once again America’s famous holiday that isn’t really a holiday is upon us. We get to dress up like mystical creatures and scare anyone we want. It is a pretty fun holiday, for all ages.

As a kid there is nothing better than getting free candy. All-I-could-eat candy. I’d get to hang out with friends and go door to door for delicious treats. What a wonderful day. Once I grew into a teenager it was less treats and more trespassing. Toilet papering was really big on the 31st, same with egging and all of those shenanigans. This graphic even says some guy shot dead a teen for throwing eggs at his car. What a bad Halloween for the kid. Now during college, candy is replaced with booze and trick-or-treating with parties. We still dress up and have a blast.

I wonder if Halloween gets worse after college? Once I only attend small get-togethers with my co-workers I don’t know if I’ll have as much fun. For now, I’m not going to worry about my Halloween’s future, just the one coming up in a week or so. Remember, Halloween is a scary night, be safe out there. [Halloween Express]