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The Last 15 Years of Technological Advancement

By | source:SiliconRepublic Sep 27th, 2015

Since Y2K the advancement of technology has been exponential. Thanks to better internet speeds and innovation competition our obsession with the next big thing has led the tech industry into one of the largest and fastest growing in America.

But what started this tech race? We always seem to look at Youtube and Twitter as pioneers, but the fact is that Facebook came before – it was just a limited community. Now we have apps on anything and everything thanks to the advances in mobile technology. The first iPhone was a phenomenon, where as compared to our current mobile hardware is almost obsolete.

The move away from oil-dependence has also helped the tech legacy grow. Electric cars are now a common occurrence and self-driving cars seem to traverse my city on the daily. What’s next? Space exploration? Tech implants? Time Machines?