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The Logistics of Voting

By | source: Oct 8th, 2014

There is more to voting than simply going to a polling place and casting your ballot. A lot of planning goes into an election day. Pollsters must be employed, trained, and dispatched to polling places. They start early and stay until the last person has voted. Then, election officials gather the votes in a central location and count them. All of this is done in order to have efficient and honest elections.

An election day for pollsters starts early and goes late into the night. A typical day is 12 hours long or longer. The pay differs from state to state, but usually itâ??s the minimum wage. Some polling places employ high school students. The request for bilingual pollsters to help out is immense. The question is, can you be a pollster?

Not just people are needed for an election day, but also funding, information, and technology. Funds are provided and spent to update voting systems with new technology. Timely information is announced to the public, such as where to vote. Mobile apps are the new technology used to track election results throughout the day.

In the next election day, think about the people who are helping you out. Think about the process election officials are going through. Finally, after you cast your vote, thank the pollsters for their services.