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The Many Careers of Bill Murray

By | source: Aug 18th, 2012

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that Bill Murray is the shit. So lovable and relatable as a person, Mr. Murray has taken America/THE WORLD’s heart with great impunity and fervor. Born upon a flying dragon in a distant universe, Bill Murray was given to us mere mortals as a gift from the great beyond. As a boy he climbed through the ranks of human civilization as a man of his time; and a man of time itself. From his roles as shmoozers, near-mentally-handicapped (Caddyshack), the smart-asses (Ghostbusters/Rushmore), to the Andersonian apathetics. He has shown us the depths of Bill Murray and of depths within ourselves.

The pope of parties, the man of movies, the believer of the Jaguar Shark, Bill Murray might be coming to a town near you, looking for a place to crash. As part of his ‘Party Crashing Tour’, he is traveling to 38 different cities this August and September. Requirements include crashing space, karaoke, and party vibes. (tour subject to being totally false)

Movie references:
1. SNL 2. Meatballs 3. Caddyshack 4. Stripes
5. Ghostbusters 6. Scrooged 7. Groundhog’s Day 8. Kingpin
9. The Man Who Knew Too Little 10. Rushmore 11. Charlies Angels 12. The Royal Tenenbaums
13. Lost in Translation 14. Garfield 15. The Life Aquatic 16. Zombieland