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The Pitfalls Of Winning The Lottery

By | source:forbes Jan 17th, 2016

Let’s face it, that family that just won the Powerball is going to have their friends and family rip them apart. Greed is a powerful human instinct. Not anonymously claiming lottery winnings can lead to so much drama it’ll ruin the best of friendships.

Of course winning the lotto also helps out a lot. Having a few extra million dollars will hopefully ensure the winner won’t have to work another day in their life. But why do so many lotto winners go broke after winner? Irresponsibility.

If I was to win the lotto I wouldn’t even tell my mom. I’d keep my 9 to 5 and invest the majority of the cash into diversified funds. I’d take a few million and start some local businesses I’ve always wanted to own, but would try to keep total anonymity.

Winning the lotto is the best thing possible, but today’s infographic will teach you some of the worse things about being a big winner.