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This Chart Makes Men’s Dress Codes Super Simple

By | source:Here Mar 19th, 2017

From guy’s night out to formal weddings, there are countless events that require knowledge of dress codes. I personally didn’t know the difference between smart casual and business until I saw this infographic.

My husband is a little bit fashion-challenged, so preparing for events is always a bit stressful. Now we both know that casual wear may not mean a T-shirt and cargo shorts –– this chart says to go for a polo shirt with dark fitted jeans or chinos. You can wear boat shoes or desert boots and still look great.

A dress code that calls for business wear requires a dark-colored suit, a formal shirt and a leather belt. Surprisingly enough, the way you knot your tie also matters. Go for a Windsor or Half-Windsor knot.

Another confusing level of formality: white tie wear. This requires a tailcoat jacket, a waistcoat and dress pants. It’s also impolite to wear a watch, because the people around you may think you’re distracted.

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