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Top 10 States With Highest Computer Job Salaries

By | source: Nov 30th, 2013

Are you unemployed? Are you in need of a new job? Are you tired of working endless hours for a less than competent salary while taking crap from a slimy boss at a dead-end job? Of course you are. You’re through with being pushed around by “the man” and listening to Tina talk about her stupid dog or her stupid kid. And what’s with the water that tastes like cleaner? I mean, could they purify that stuff a little more? It doesn’t quite taste like Windex yet. Seriously, curse those blue 5 gallon buckets and the distilled “water” within.  It’s time for a new gig. One that meets the cost of living and then some. One that says, “Hey, this guy is important, and he’s perty dern good.”

It’s time to start working with computers.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Computers? Puh-lease. Why don’t I just watch an episode of Star Trek and collect anime figurines while I’m at it?” And now you’re thinking: “What is this intriguing opportunity of which you speak, dear Wizard?”

Listen unto me, brothers and sisters; I have been to the edges of the universe, and I have braved the coldest of winds and the driest of deserts to inform you that within employment  in a computer job lies the goblet of life, love, and eternal happiness. In my travels, I uncovered this infographic from the skeleton of a monk, hidden deep within the Tomb of the Holy. Fingernail engravings in the stones that lay beside him read, “He who seeks a $50,000 + salary shall find it amongst computer-related occupations. To whomever shall find this infographic, remember that Colorado has the highest average pay. You’ll want to move there.” [View the entire IT Salary Report]