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Top 10 Ways To Start A Fire

By | source:Alan's Factory Outlet Oct 9th, 2018

Whether you’re camping with your family or stuck in a power outage, starting a fire is a fantastic skill to have. From friction to reflection, these 10 essential tricks keep your campfire burning. 

Now, we’ve all seen people on the Discovery channel light a fire with two rocks, but that rarely works for an amateur. Try out a few of these ways to start a campfire and see if you succeed.

If you’re on a picnic and all you brought with you is an aluminum can, chocolate bar, a dry cloth, and a piece of char cloth, then you can create a fire. Use the chocolate bar to polish the bottom of the can until it reflects like a mirror, catch the full sun at the right angle, reflect the sunbeam to the char cloth and hold it until you see smoke. Voila! You’ve impressed your friends with this seemingly useless knowledge.

However, there are many techniques to light a fire and not all of them need to be performed by experts. Of course, you need to be careful because you know what happens to people who play with fire. I’ve only laid out details for one method, and there are nine more on the infographic you need to check out.  Learn more lifesaving measures like how to prepare for natural and especially man-made disasters!