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The Science Behind Storytelling and How Businesses Use It

By | source:Here Aug 27th, 2018

Every day we are bombarded by information, information that we frankly don’t have to actually remember anymore because Google is always there.  So what do we actually remember?  Humans are hardwired to connect and recall a story over a fact, which makes storytelling essential for businesses.   Entrepreneurs understand the science behind storytelling and use this tactic as a way to get people to listen and remember.

In a recent study, 92% of consumers surveyed said they prefer commercials and advertisements that are told in the form a story rather than plain stats and facts. Companies that embrace storytelling with robust content strategies see results.

Just as every story is different, the ways you can tell a story vary. From using video content to stunning images or compelling words, making an emotional connection is critical to memorable content.

Stick with the four basic elements of storytelling for the best results. Quality content, relevance to an audience, personalization, and analytics equal increased engagement and profit. Every company has a story to tell, and statistics prove that customers want to hear your tale. Content marketing has become a powerful way to get customers because of all the stories that can be told.

Businesses use these strategies, but don’t forget them in your personal relationships as well.  This is how you can be remembered.