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World-Ending Scenarios: This Is How The Apocalypse May Happen

By | source:Here Sep 3rd, 2017

Every so often, a religious fringe group will claim the world’s end is imminent and name a random day the apocalypse will happen. After a while, you start to roll your eyes––but how will the world end?

Did you know there are things that could happen within the next century that could technically wipe out all of Earth’s population? For example, we’re all in trouble if honeybees die out––crops won’t be pollinated. Of course, we’d likely engineer some workaround, but what if nuclear war broke out? There’d be no avoiding certain death.

Bioterrorism is another terrifyingly possibility. If someone developed a deadly microbe into a biological weapon, it could cause a global pandemic. Additionally, a natural pandemic could occur without any human help.

Some of these guesses are frighteningly simple. Both climate change and overpopulation are problems we face today, but they could lead to the end of the world.

I’m glad I won’t be around in a million years, because this infographic predicts that asteroids and alien invasions are possible world-ending events.

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