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World’s Wackest Treehouses

By | Sep 20th, 2016

You think that jumble of boards nailed to a tree in your backyard was cool? Prepare to be amazed.

The Mirrorcube exists at a strange intersection of surrealism and stealth. The mirrors reflecting the surrounding forest make the house invisible in some ways, but also create a bizarre ethereal effect that leaves your brain squinting and rubbing its eyes.

Japan’s bird apartment is a fun and cool-looking idea, if maybe a touch voyeuristic. There are some classy numbers in here, places that you could see yourself living. I dig the Free Spirit Spheres, because they’re a nice balance between weird and cosy. I won’t deny that the Hobbit-esque round doors score serious points with me.

The most cinematically epic of these treehouses is the UFO. If I was lost in the woods in the evening and came across that I would flip out. I’m glad I’ve seen this infographic. Next time I’m trespassing in Sweden I’ll be prepared.

These treehouses may be creative, fancy, and feats of engineering, but they’re all pretty small. If you’re interested in tiny houses, take a gander at our infographic of statistics about tiny houses and the people who live in them.