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WTF is a Petabyte?

By | source: Sep 15th, 2010

I bet some of your mothers have gone out to get an external hard drive because for some reason they think it will solve their Windows ME problems and found themselves getting a whole terabyte’s worth of useless space. Seems like good news for you, you get a terabyte of storage for the hundreds of movies you copy from Netflix. You can fit more than 200 movies on a terabyte, you’re set, but what if you had a petabyte?

What is this newfound nerd-term you’ve never heard before? Well kid, it’s 1024 of your mom’s hard drives put together. That does seem to be a hella lot, probably be cause it is, but not for Google. They go through 20 petabytes of data a day as easily as George Clooney trying to badass.

I personally have a few hundred gigs of data laying around, and of course it was all legally obtained. My external is only 250 gigs though, and for the next few years between that and my computer — I’ll hopefully have enough space to get by.

They say that the world’s data centers consume as much energy as the country Sweden. I think we can all agree we don’t want to get rid of the internet. Sorry Sweden, looks like your time has finally come. If y’all are some of the happiest people, why do you all describe your lives as “adequate?” After we tell them we’re going to destroy their nation, they’d probably just say that their life thus far had been lagom. [Via]